League Bowling

The PERFECT Game...
FIVE PIN BOWLING LEAGUES provide the convenience you want with the flexibility that you need and at price that you can afford.

You bowl at one location, SHERWOOD PARK BOWL, and at the time you've picked that is best for you. No driving around the Edmonton Metropolitan area or having to keep a detailed schedule of games, you play at the same place and the same day and time each week.

If life interferes with your bowling, you have the options of getting a friend to substitute for you or you can pre-bowl ahead of your regular bowling time. Some of our customers with shift work or jobs where they can be called away unexpectantly, pre-bowl weeks ahead and keep one on hold for unexpected emergencies. No other sport gives you that kind of flexibility.

No equipment to buy and you can pay for your league bowling on a weekly basis instead of having to pay large up-front fees for the entire year like some other sports. Talk about easy on the pocket book. Maybe that's why so many families bowl.

Whether you're interested in our Youth Leagues, Club 55+ Leagues or one of our Adult Daytime or Evening Leagues, we can fit your schedule, your lifestyle and your budget. Have fun on a weekly basis with your friends, family, and co-workers. Bowling, you know it's up your alley.

We offer a variety of leagues:

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Mixed and Ladies Leagues for anyone 18+.

YBC Leagues for children 4-18 years old.

Club 55+ for adults 55 years young.

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